problem with extended attributes

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Fri Mar 8 00:02:57 UTC 2013

Am 08.03.2013 00:57, schrieb Sam Varshavchik:
> Reindl Harald writes:
>> [root at fileserver:~]$ setfattr -n harry -v test /mnt/storage/test
>> setfattr: /mnt/storage/test: Operation not supported
> Extended attributes must use a specific namespace, such as "user." or "system."
> Try setfattr -n user.harry -v test /mnt/storage/test
> Perhaps pre 3.8 kernels allowed any namespace to be used; if so, this must've been undocumetned, because attr(5)
> was quite explicit, about this, for a long time

yes i realized this shortly after my post by anoterh answer
netatalk upstream asked "does setfattr work on the FS" and
sicne i am not intersted in this details  and there was
error messages from netatalk ACl related i got alarmed

however, we still do not know what netatalk3 hates on
existing shares while upgrade from 2.2.x but thats
a different story and has to be cleared with

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