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Well I have been using TeXlive for a long time, and I do it in different
machines and with different OS. But my basic system is Ubuntu LTS, I hate
to change my OS every six months and I prefer something more stables. With
Fedora in the last versions I have few troubles and I use them but they are
not my hit. But, yes I know, this is a Fedora list.

And about TeXLive and all those troubles, in fact as José Matos says, we
need to install all the schemes we need for our papers and projects. I
teach how to use LaTeX from the most basic until special packages for
certain task, not always for typeset math. TeX in fact is more than that,
but of course isn't the only tool, so i install Tex-live full, all the
schemes for avoid those problems. It can be a little expensive abut
the HDspace usage with up 1.5 GB for store everything, but this is how
I can use
different compilers such as tex, pdtex, latex, pdflatex, xetex, xelatex and
luatex for ConTeXt.

Perhaps you can customise the settings of the TeXlive for install only the
packages you need, but I don't know if it is possible or how to do it. So
simply I prefer install everything.

As Gordon Bell said: TeX is potentially the most significant invention in
typesetting in the last century [...] and in terms of importance could rank
near the introduction of the Gutenberg press.

So isn't the only tool, but perhaps is the most powerful one. We have
InDesign (not in linux yet) and Scribus, and they're good for some tasks,
but in my opinion we can't compare them, TeX and both of its embodiments:
LaTeX and ConTeXt can do a better work , faster and easier than InDesign,
QuarkXpress, Scribus and others. We can typeset huge quantities of pages
automatically with an excellent composition and without adjust manually
line by line and save paper using the traditional pica points instead the
PostScript pica points.

There is a long time (two years ago) I don't use Scribus, is an interesting
software, but the typographical management was poor for me and unable to
take advantage of Open Type features. With LaTeX we can do it using
XeLaTeXand it's great. Surely
Scribus now is better than the version I knew, but it can be better for
typeset highly hierarchized texts with a lot of cross references, and
equations, chemical formulae or musical notation or chess notation, but
it's ok for magazines, newspapers, brochures (leaflets) and all those
publications where the design and the number of pages depends from the

I do not think the way pdf file is created is important, but the way you
can compose an equation, or another thing typographically difficult,

That's all, cheers.
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