Status of Fedup'ng F17->F18; when in doubt, yum upgrade ...

Max Pyziur pyz at
Sun Mar 10 19:36:13 UTC 2013


Because using an updates-testing version of fedup left my F17->F18 upgrade 
on a dual-core desktop in a mixed state (lots of F18 rpms interlaced w/ 
F17 ones).

For a while the machine would boot in an F17 kernel; while went through a 
process of 'yum remove'-ing of F18 duplications.

At some point, the kernel went into a panic, and the machine became 

Initially, I tried to do a fresh install of F18; but since there are two 
disks on the machine, /dev/sdb mounted on /home, the installer kepting 
hosing when specifying the disk setup.

So, I decided to a fresh 'Minimal Install' of F17, and proceed to F18 from 

First, I tried fedup (the version that is currently available from 
updates, not updates-testing); kernel went into panic mode again.

Re-installed the F17-minimal again, and then did a yum upgrade. Buried in 
the wiki

there is a reference to a fedora-upgrade script packaged as an rpm. It 
pulled everything into F18.

So now with a minimal F18 install, I'm adding packages to bring it back as 
close as possible to its status-quo working state.

Ironically, thanks to Reindl for the link to the Yum Upgrade Wiki page.

At this point, I think that it's fair to say that F18 has been the most 
challenging of all for me since F2: this fedup experience, coupled with 
mis-matched release of Postgresql 9.2 and PostGIS 1.5.

Max Pyziur
pyz at

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