fedup @ System Upgrade - time to complete? - on different sources

Greg Woods woods at ucar.edu
Mon Mar 11 16:42:25 UTC 2013

On Sat, 2013-03-09 at 16:50 -0500, Max Pyziur wrote:

> So, how do I recover the use of my machine.

That, of course, depends on exactly what's wrong with it. 

I used fedup to upgrade five different machines (two laptops and three
desktops). Only one of them was left in a totally hosed state, where I
got weird DB errors if I tried to use yum or rpm, and some other
commands failed due to missing shared libraries (or having the wrong
version so that the required version was missing). I could log in as
root on the text console, but couldn't do much after that and had no way
to repair the package management system.

I ended up repairing it by booting into rescue mode, and using "yum
--installroot" to update the broken system. What is really stupid is
that the yum command exists on the rescue DVD, but the Python modules
needed to run it do not, so I also had to set the PYTHONPATH environment
variable to point inside the mounted-but-broken system in order to get
yum to work from the rescue disc.

This will work if and only if your problem is the same as mine was.
Since I have no way of knowing that (I don't even know exactly what went
wrong on *my* system), I haven't replied to this thread previously. I
suspect there may be others in the same position as me, which might
explain why nobody has answered; nobody really has confidence that what
worked for them would work for you.


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