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Tue Mar 12 14:46:59 UTC 2013

Allegedly, on or about 12 March 2013, Patrick Dupre sent:
> Which amaya would you recommend to install for fedora 18?

My experience with using that program, over the years, is that it still
seems like some half baked shareware program from the 1980s.  It's wierd
to use, and likes to crash.

Perhaps you should say what you want from it.  A HTML editor?  Some
special kind of web browser?  Maybe someone can recommend something much
better than Amaya (which I don't think would be hard).

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Linux 3.7.9-101.fc17.x86_64 #1 SMP Mon Feb 18 22:04:06 UTC 2013 x86_64

All mail to my mailbox is automatically deleted, there is no point
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My apologies for not including a virus with this message, but I don't
use Windows.

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