Google Chrome speckled videos - what's the cure.

Max Pyziur pyz at
Wed Mar 13 23:46:30 UTC 2013

> On 03/14/13 07:19, Max Pyziur wrote:
>> Videos are presented correctly in both Firefox and mplayer. However,
>> they are speckled in my installations of google-chrome.

> On 03/14/13 sometime later, And then Ed Greshko asked:
> What version of Chrome?  What type of video?  Best if you could provide a
> link to a video you're viewing with the problem.

On my desktop I have: google-chrome-unstable-27.0.1430.0-186115.x86_64
on my laptop I have: google-chrome-stable-25.0.1364.160-186726.x86_64

It doesn't matter which video (on Youtube, on facebook), yellow, red, and
other speckles dance on the screen when the video is being played.

pyz at

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