Google Chrome speckled videos - what's the cure.

Ed Greshko Ed.Greshko at
Thu Mar 14 00:14:12 UTC 2013

On 03/14/13 07:46, Max Pyziur wrote:
> On my desktop I have: google-chrome-unstable-27.0.1430.0-186115.x86_64
> on my laptop I have: google-chrome-stable-25.0.1364.160-186726.x86_64
> It doesn't matter which video (on Youtube, on facebook), yellow, red, and
> other speckles dance on the screen when the video is being played.

So, you have the problem on both your systems.  And all the videos on youtube show speckles.

If you go to chrome://plugins/ and look for Adobe Flash Player you *may* have 2 entries similar to:

Name:    Shockwave Flash
Description:    Shockwave Flash 11.6 r602
Version:    11.6.602.180
Location:    /opt/google/chrome/PepperFlash/
Type:    PPAPI (out-of-process)

Name:    Shockwave Flash
Version:    11.2 r202
Location:    /usr/lib64/flash-plugin/
Type:    NPAPI

If you do, can you disable one or another to see if the problem changes depending on which is selected?  (Not certain if a restart of chrome is needed for the change to take effect).

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