About that installer...

Dan Irwin rummymobile at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 01:22:01 UTC 2013

On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 2:48 AM, Tony Camuso <tcamuso at redhat.com> wrote:
> But, yes, if F17 installs to that partition and F18 does not, then it's
> a regression.
> Has the original poster filed a bugzilla on this yet?

No he hasn't, for various reasons :-) Should I file one? I have
nothing but a vague memory of the sequence of the problems/dialogs.

So, an update.

I just attempted to install F18 over the top of F17. And it seems to
be working...

I got the popup about not having enough free space, so I clicked  to
delete /boot and / from F17, pressed continue, and the installer liked

Right now its probably 75% done installing packages.

What is different now?

sda3 and sda4 are formatted, operational, linux partitions.

Before they were empty, unpartitioned space, or in one case, empty
unformatted partitions.

And in the time I have taken to type this email, the install is done. Seriously.

Welcome screen done. One operational F18 laptop.

Happy days.

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