Non-fatal booting error in F17/F18

Jorge Martínez López jorgeml at
Thu Mar 14 08:40:06 UTC 2013


2013/3/13 Frank McCormick <beacon at>:
> On 13-03-13 07:13 PM, Max Pyziur wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> On bootup, just before the GRUB screen is shown there is a quick
>> error/message; it's difficult to record the flash, but it is something like:
>> error: /grub2/locale/ ???  ?Missing File?
>> Is there some sort of validation check that takes place, looking for some
>> sort of match of files located in /boot/grub2/locale/ ?

I researched this a few months ago with the help of my phone camera.
It is nothing to worry about, just GRUB complaining about a missing
locale (i.e. translation) file.

Jorge Martínez López <jorgeml at>

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