Installing VNCSERVER on Linux machine

Robert Moskowitz rgm at
Thu Mar 14 19:45:20 UTC 2013

On 03/14/2013 03:18 PM, Mike Wright wrote:
> 03/14/2013 11:49 AM, Reindl Harald wrote:
>> Am 14.03.2013 19:27, schrieb Robert Moskowitz:
>>> On 03/14/2013 12:29 PM, Fedora User wrote:
>>>> On Tue, 2013-03-12 at 17:16 +0000, Norah Jones wrote:
>>>>> How can I install vncserver on my linux machine so that I can connect
>>>>> from windows client.
>>>> I prefer Tiger: #yum install tigervnc-server
>>>> Works great from my android phone.
>>> vnc passes your login information in the clear
>> ssh-forwarding is not rocket science
> Oh, Reindl, you are so funny.  If only I had your knowledge.
> ssh-forwarding may not be rocket science to you but to others, well...
> Love your help, now show us how.

Say you have SSHD running on port 599 and you are just using user login, 
not an SSH cert you uploaded.  And the server to connect to is at (this is the IETF's address range; I had a server with me I 
had to connect to).  In a terminal window run:

ssh -p 599 -L 8902: user at

You will be prompted to login as user.

Then run vnc to localhost:8902

You are there.

This is how I have been doing it for years at IETF meetings when I have 
had to connect home for one reason or another.

Tatu Yonen (sp?) kind of rubbed my face in this one.  Kind of hard NOT 
to listen to the advice of the guy who created SSH...

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