Has my fedora 18 installation been hacked?

Georgios Petasis petasisg at yahoo.gr
Fri Mar 15 09:05:41 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I have a small server that I have recently upgraded to fedora 18. After 
a while, I got notified by
the provider that their firewall catches thousands of requests, with the 
following error message:

*Source IP*: ellogon-SKEL
*Source Port*: 35442
*Destination IP*:
*Destination Port*: 53
*Description*: Dropped UDP DNS request from dmz:ellogon-SKEL/35442 to 
outside:; packet length 1400 bytes exceeds configured 
limit of 512 bytes

I have verified all packages (with rpm -Va), and didn't see anything 

It is strange that the machine is trying to contact a server in USA, 
isn't it?

Is there anything else to do, than re-installing the machine?

(Unfortunately, due to the huge load it creates to their firewall, they 
remove the network cord from the server, so I have a few hours to debug 

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