: Re: F18 on Dell xps13

dave peters dpetlinux at gmail.com
Fri Mar 15 19:13:15 UTC 2013

;From: Gordon Messmer

;I received an XPS 13 yesterday!

;So far, I haven't seen any problems from it.  Intel's video is quite
standard, and works as expected.  WiFi is working.  I've set up a ;few VMs
under Linux KVM with virt-manager.  Media keys all work properly, as does
the OSD.  The touchpad works as expected.  I ;got around 6 hours of battery
life from it yesterday under use that included periods of heavy activity
(including the CPU, disk and WiFi ;access required to install multiple
server VMs on an encrypted volume group).  I haven't tried to use the
DisplayPort output or ;BlueTooth, but the latter is at least correctly
detected on boot.

Thanks for that information.  I hope to acquire one soon.
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