Creating an rpm from scratch

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Fri Mar 15 22:02:07 UTC 2013

Reindl Harald wrote:
> Am 15.03.2013 17:52, schrieb Bill Davidsen:
>> Bill Davidsen wrote:
>>> I am happy to say the last rpm I had to create was back during 2.5 development
>>> testing days. Now I would find it convenient to roll another, and I'm hoping
>>> there's by now a better tool to help create an rpm from scratch, something more
>>> intuitive than the man page in one window and vi in the other.
>>> Is there?
>> Sounds like NO, there has been progress in documentation since 2.5 days, but sounds like it all has to be created
>> by hand in terms of scripts, spec files, etc. Thanks, but if it hasn't gotten less time consuming in 12-15 years,
>> let it be someone else's time.
>> Thanks much for the pointer to better documentation, that has improved
> oh come on this is laughable
> take a existing SPEC and change the sources
> leave the %files empty and after teh first
> build you get a complete list of unpacked files
> start a new package by hand usausally takes 2-5 minutes
Your use of "new package" and "existing SPEC" in the same answer makes me sure 
you haven't understood the question. Since "RPMcreator" isn't in any recent 
Redhat release I can find, nor on any of the usual other sites, I assume there 
is another tool used, I just want the name of the tool!

Several people in various chat rooms have said "use the GUI" in various ways, 
but can't remember the name of the tool. Search engines don't so well with "it 
was RPM-something" or "it's on the system menu, called create rpm" so I had 
hopes of a better answer.

Sorry I haven't explained it clearly, but I think most people understood and 
just didn't have the answer.

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