Creating an rpm from scratch

Doug dmcgarrett at
Fri Mar 15 22:21:43 UTC 2013

On 03/15/2013 06:02 PM, Bill Davidsen wrote:
> Reindl Harald wrote:
>> Am 15.03.2013 17:52, schrieb Bill Davidsen:
>>> Bill Davidsen wrote:
>>>> I am happy to say the last rpm I had to create was back during 2.5 
>>>> development
>>>> testing days. Now I would find it convenient to roll another, and 
>>>> I'm hoping
>>>> there's by now a better tool to help create an rpm from scratch, 
>>>> something more
>>>> intuitive than the man page in one window and vi in the other.
>>>> Is there?
>>> Sounds like NO, there has been progress in documentation since 2.5 
>>> days, but sounds like it all has to be created
>>> by hand in terms of scripts, spec files, etc. Thanks, but if it 
>>> hasn't gotten less time consuming in 12-15 years,
>>> let it be someone else's time.
>>> Thanks much for the pointer to better documentation, that has improved
>> oh come on this is laughable
>> take a existing SPEC and change the sources
>> leave the %files empty and after teh first
>> build you get a complete list of unpacked files
>> start a new package by hand usausally takes 2-5 minutes 
Using PCLOS, I put rpm into the search function in Synaptic and came up 
with a whole batch of files.  For building rpms,
or helping to build rpms, some but not all files I found were: easy rpm 
builder, java-rpmbuild, multi-arch utils, perl-Youri-Package-RPM-Builder,
perl-Youri-Package-RPM-generator. Haven't tried any of them, but I'm 
sure your distro must have some , or some others like them.
Why not find what you can install, and then read the fine manual for 
each and see where you're at.  Maybe that will answer the question.


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