Unable to boot live cd in both safe and regular graphics mode Fedora 18

Bill Davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Sat Mar 16 19:02:42 UTC 2013

Kevin Daly wrote:
> When I boot the live-usb stick x starts, but the login dialog does not come up..
> I just get the default blue background screen.
> I have tested this usb-stick with other computers so it is working fine.
> This is a Intel Atom based system witg integrated graphics.
When the boot menu comes up, select 'troubleshooting' and boot in basic graphics 
mode. If that works try hitting 'e' at the main boot prompt, add 'nomodeset' to 
the kernel command line and try that. The modeset bricks one of my video cards 
so that a power cycle is needed to get it going again.

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