NFS Server share /var/cache/yum?

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Sat Mar 16 19:28:02 UTC 2013

Frank Murphy wrote:
> Trying to replace an NAS with a PC.
> Figured I'd check before creating
> Having looked at:
> How can I share on the NFS server /var/cache/yum.
> so it will be available as a local(nfs) cache
> to all fedora boxes\vm's
> as root shares are discouraged.
> Server will  have the following hd for shares /sdc 1tb raid1
> (Hope I explained it clear enough, a problem of mine)
I have been doing similar for years (fc9) but what I do is create a local repo 
on the NFS server, set yum.conf to keep packages, and then upload everything I 
install or upgrade to the repo. On a regular basis I run a script that checks 
for new rpm files and runs createrepo as needed. The master repo has all the 
updates ever, for Fedora, with subdirectories for CentOS, RHEL, and ScientificLinux.

The advantage is that I can pull a package in a VM as needed, and it will get 
upload and added to the repository. I share the repository via both NFS and 
http, but fedup doesn't seem to have an obvious way to get to use local 
repositories. Looking into that is on my to-do list, haven't had time to do it.

This may give you some ideas about local repo, I found it easier to keep a repo 
of my own rather than find a clever way to export /var/cache/yum

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