Installing ngspice 25

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Sun Mar 17 19:36:07 UTC 2013

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> Can't bottom post.
> ./configure prefixdir = /usr should place all files in /usr.
> If it configures correctly run make 
> Su to root and run make install.
> Hope this helps
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> Subject: Installing ngspice 25
> I have been too spoiled by the rpm and yum processes.  Thank you fedora
> developers...
> I need to run the install script to put ngspice-25 on my system.  I know
> that there is a default installation, but I do not know if that meets
> the current directory structure for F17 or later.  Has anyone done this,
> and how did you go about it?
> I know I can pass -prefix  to change the binary directory, but from what
> I can tell, /usr/local/bin would appear to be ok, and /usr/sbin would be
> OK, but I cannot tell if the files that for ngspice-23
> in /usr/share/ngspice would be replaced.  I cannot find the /usr/share
> directory referenced in the config script.  I suspect that it is created
> from the several variables referring to the directories in the script,
> but I cannot tell which one it would be or where the files would end up
> from using search on the 17000 line configure script.
> Also do I need to uninstall ngspice-23?  I have several designs that
> work under 23 and I am worried that -25 version may break some of them.
> Therefore I would like to have both versions available for a short time
> until I can verify my current stuff works under the -25 version.
> Thanks for any information.
> Regards,
> Les H

That appears to have done it.  But I appear to have overwritten my
original.  Ok, I'm trying my current simulations to see if everything is
OK.  One question is how will yum update deal with the change?

Les H

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