F17 gnome3 coloration

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Sun Mar 17 17:30:51 UTC 2013

El vie, 15-03-2013 a las 13:31 +0000, Beartooth escribió:

> 	I ran into troubles with xfce, and decided to try gnome3 again. 
> This time I think I could manage it, maybe, if only the color 
> combinations weren't so wrong. Maybe young eyes can see white text on gun 
> metal gray menus, but my old eyes can't. Where do I change the likes of 
> that? Will it *stay* changed?
> -- 
> Beartooth Sciurivore, Curmudgeon On Line
> Viruses, trojans, and spyware, Oh My!

Install Gnome Tweak Tool, download and install some shell and GTK
themes, and choose one with the tool mentioned above.
Gnome Tweak Tool is on repositories.  Shell and GTK themes can be found

Hope this helps,
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