slightly OT

Rahul Sundaram metherid at
Mon Mar 18 01:48:09 UTC 2013

On 03/17/2013 09:07 PM, Roger wrote:
> Different topic, still sad.
> Has anyone found a way to stop Gnome 3 in Fedora 18 from shrinking and 
> enlarging the desktop dependent on where the mouse may be at any point 
> in time. It's affecting my vertigo. I don't wanna go to Mint, don't 
> like Mint.
> Has any one found a use for the silly dark grey stripe that 
> infrequently appears at the bottom of the Gnone 3 desktop. There's 
> gotta be a use for it. I once had a Selinux error warning light show 
> up in the bottom right corner but that went away.

1)  Hot corner can be disabled -
2)  The stripe is the message tray.  It is a transient equivalent to the 
old system tray  and yeah, it has a poor change in 3.6.  3.8 should be 


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