Strange file appearing in HOME

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Mon Mar 18 14:40:28 UTC 2013

Am 18.03.2013 14:40, schrieb Rejy M Cyriac:
> On 03/15/2013 11:02 PM, Doug wrote:
>> I recently had a pdf file that Firefox's pdf decoder couldn't read, and
>> I had to diable the automatic FF-pdf and make it so the Adobe Reader
>> plugin works. Adobe can read the file. I don not like Okular: it doesn't
>> tell you how many pages the pdf uses.  You could print what you think
>> is a 20 page package and find out it's 200 pages!
> Have you tried out evince ? It works well for me

or "okular" if you are on KDE
no need for AdobeReader for 99 out of 100 cases since years

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