LiveCD with Samsung F2FS ??

Fernando Cassia fcassia at
Mon Mar 18 17:11:38 UTC 2013

Until now I' ve been using Linux Live USB creator (on windows) to
create pen drives out of Fedora livecd images

...mainly because I like its startup menu which allows to select
between normal LiveCD boot and ' persistant mode' which allows one to
save files to the pen drive' s ' desktop'  folder and changes (ie
firefox addons) are preserved between reboots.

It accomplishes this by setting a rw drive based on a so-called 'casper file'

but for ' technical reasons'  -according to the devs- a 'casper file'
cannot be bigger than 4GB.

With 32GB pen drives now within the affordability realm (64gb a little
less so), you'd understand it's a bit silly to limit the 'persistant
mode' to 4GB of space.

So, with developments like Samsung's F2FS file system...

Samsung creates Flash-friendly open source file system F2FS

... and with apparently the last few f2fs improvements having made it
to the 3.9 kernel

So, any chance of getting rid of 'casper' and trade it for a fully RW
F2FS partition on the pen drive (as big as the pen drive allows) ?

I wonder if Fedora rawhide already includes F2FS support?.

Ideally, I'd just want ANY functional Linux & XFCE distro I can burn
on a big pen drive with full RW support using F2FS... (could be a
LiveCD with 'persistant partition' done with F2FS).

Thoughts? Comments? -TIA

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