mplayer2 static build??

Fernando Cassia fcassia at
Tue Mar 19 04:32:39 UTC 2013

On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 11:48 PM, Ed Greshko <Ed.Greshko at> wrote:
> Since you're booting a LiveCD, not matter what you do it will be gone on the next boot.  So, how about trying "yum install totem-mozplugin"?  This gets you /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins/ which, according to FF about:plugins is responsible for flv files.  Then watch the file in your browser.

It worked, but, when loading the flv file from the browser it tells me
if I want to open it with the default player associated with flv
extensions, which is ' Parole Media Player ' (this is fedora XFCE
btw), which in turn tells me it lacks the plugins/codecs to open that
file. Catch 22.


Maybe I'll have to fiddle with the browser's mime-types to tell the
browser to play the flv file internally.... now if I could remember
how.... last time I fiddled with mime types I was using Netscape
Communicator 4.x I think. ;)

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