Help me make backups better on GNU/Linux

Gordon Messmer yinyang at
Tue Mar 19 06:29:27 UTC 2013

After publicly bitching about Linux's poor backup infrastructure for the 
hundredth time, I decided to write a common system for making snapshots. 
I've written the first iteration in bash.  It took one day to do most of 
the work, and then a few hours of testing and fixing to get things 
working reasonably well.

At this point, there's enough working for other people to start looking 
at.  Systems with ext3/4 filesystems on LVM are supported.  btrfs will 
follow.  PostgreSQL has a script to make its data consistent, but other 
common systems like MySQL, OpenLDAP, and 389 DS need similar support. 
Documentation needs to be written.  A few architectural issues need to 
be ironed out.

If you're interested in improving the state of backups on GNU/Linux, 
please have a look and contact me if you want to help with code, 
testing, documentation, packaging, or maintaining packages in Fedora.  I 
would very much like to see this project become a standard feature of 
GNU/Linux installs.

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