I want Fedora in my future, but is it possible?

Richard Vickery richard.vickeryrv at gmail.com
Tue Mar 19 20:43:28 UTC 2013

On Mar 19, 2013 1:28 PM, "Reindl Harald" <h.reindl at thelounge.net> wrote:
> Am 19.03.2013 20:52, schrieb Temlakos:
> > On 03/19/2013 03:07 PM, Reindl Harald wrote:
> >>
> >> Am 19.03.2013 19:38, schrieb Peter Gueckel:
> >>> I have been looking at smartphones and tablets (I presently own
> >>> neither, due to outrageous monthly fees and lengthy contracts), as
> >>> I am starting to feel that I no longer want to do without mobility.
> >>>
> >>> However, how does Fedora fit into this? Is there a way to put
> >>> Fedora onto a tablet or smartphone?
> >>>
> >>> Ubuntu offers an intriguing compromise, for users of an Android
> >>> phone. Hook up a keyboard and monitor and run Ubuntu, so you don't
> >>> exactly have your full system in your hand, but you _do_ have it in
> >>> your pocket. Pretty cool, but it's not KDE-Fedora!
> >>>
> >>> How do you go about it?
> >> this direction is completly wrong
> >> a smartphone is not the same as a desktop-computer
> >>
> >> terrible enough that these days way too much developers
> >> designing interfaces while optimize them for phones and
> >> tablets which is plain stupid
> >>
> >> yes - i use a Galaxy S3
> >> but i would not come to this train: everywhere the same
> >>
> > Did you know that a consensus is rapidly developing that the present
> > with desktops (or mini-towers) and laptops dominating, will give place
> > to The Cloud, where all data will reside, and you will access it using
a smartphone
> > with the occasional auxiliary keyboard and screen?
> *bruhahahaha*
> some stupid people really believe this
> as the same people believed in a lot of "the next big thing"
> hypes over the last 10 years like SOAP and nothing happened
> this may be a usecase for the typical homeuser which does
> mostly not more like webbrowsing and write some mails or
> view vidoes, hear music
> this WILL NEVER happen for real work and business cases
> IF it would happen there then the cloud is a "private cloud"
> and nothing would replace my workstation because i would be
> the guy to implement this cloud which unlikely happens
> from a tablet or mobile phone
> NEVER EVER will somebody store critical data in the cloud
> and if he does we will hear only a last *bang* from this
> guy after some bad news what went wrong
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I believe the best way to build a network team of contributers who are not
paid is through synergy. Laughing at some of us and using words like
"stupid" to describe really smart and intelligent people goes a long way in
killing this goal and driving them, good and bad, away, and dividing us.
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