I want Fedora in my future, but is it possible?

Peter Gueckel pgueckel at gmail.com
Wed Mar 20 01:15:34 UTC 2013

Ed Greshko wrote:

> What is the advantage of running (K)Ubuntu or any other
> Linux distro on a smartphone or tablet?

I really couldn't say. I don't yet own any such mobile computing 
device, but I was perusing some flyers yesterday and was getting 
rather interested.

I thought, what if I were to buy a smartphone (and/or a tablet)? 
Smartphones are pretty powerful these days, with multi-core 
processors and the ability to power large LED displays, etc., so I 
wouldn't need my desktop and laptop computers anymore.

So, I thought, before I really start to get interested in replacing 
my current (static) hardware with contemporary (mobile) hardware, I 
had better find out how to get Fedora onto it.

To my great surprise, it appears that moving my hardware into the 
contemporary mobile age means de facto abandoning Fedora.

I thought that KDE Plasma was an attempt at getting KDE onto mobile 
devices. You have to have Fedora (or some other distro) on the 
device to get KDE onto it, don't you?

> Do people wanting to do this simply want to do it in an attempt 

For me, wanting to do this is an attempt to move into the mobile 
computing age, discard my old and redundant equipment 
(desktop/laptop)... and still have Fedora!

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