udev ate my network

Mike Wright mike.wright at mailinator.com
Wed Mar 20 21:57:06 UTC 2013

Hi all,

Using f18.  Lot's of nice improvements.

I don't use NetworkManager.  I use network.

All my network info is in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts.

Everything was working well until I replaced a motley crue of network 
adapters with a quad port adapter.

udev hijacked everything.  Can't make it go away.  Can't figure out why 
it decided to raise its ugly head.

the ifcfg-eth? scripts have correct HWADDR mac address and their DEVICE 
and NAME values are correct.

udev suddenly wants to rename everything back and forth.  Using advice 
from this list I created 70-persistent-net rules which recreates the 
original ifcfg setup and what I originally intended but now pauses for 
30 seconds while it complains that udev is buggy and nothing will work 
after it maybe gets fixed.

Worked well until I replaced the NICs.  Anybody know how to turn this 
work-in-progess off?

Searched through the list history and found five related emails but none 
that help here :)


Mike Wright

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