f18 keyboard problems

Mike Wright mike.wright at mailinator.com
Thu Mar 21 20:25:22 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I'm in runlevel 5 on f18 with xfce.

Zoom key combos (<ctrl><shift><+>,<ctrl><->) no longer work correctly. 
When freshly installed they did.

   <ctrl><shift><+> prints a "+"; it should increase font-size
   <ctrl><-> seems to edit the current line: sometimes it erases all
             of it, at others, parts of it at a time; should decrease
  internet apps (tbird,firefox):
   <ctrl><shift><+> increase font size
   <ctrl><-> does nothing

Keyboard is set to generic 105, US English.  I've gone through 
Admin->Keyboard and System->Keyboard and reset all.  /usr/bin/showkey 
shows correct keys and actions.

Reboot has no effect.

Not sure how to debug this.

Anyone seen this before?  Have any idea how to fix it?

Mike Wright

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