I want Fedora in my future, but is it possible?

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> On 03/21/2013 04:51 PM, Reindl Harald wrote:
>> and this is the real problem: you lose the exclusive access to your data
>> you have to believe they are secure, you have to believe they are
>> backuped
>> and if the hopefully existing backups are needed from your service
>> provider you have to pray that their disaster-recovery plan is working
>> in the real life and not only on the paper
>> if i have important and sensitve data they are not for the cloud
>> if i have non-important data i delete them regulary instead waste space
>> no, i do not own a credit card at own because it is a U.S: syndrome
>> to think someone can not live without and i know some online-clearing
>> solutions for payment with them - some are HORRIBLE and that is why
>> we are very careful which we implement for our customers
> These are good points. The US is definitely built around credit/debit
> cards; I've tried going cash-only and you have to use a lot more effort
> to make it work compared to everybody else. :)
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I want to add that the above points plus others given are excellent.  All these encryptions (128bit or whatever) do not protect you from fraud, i.e, identity theft and other hackers(crackers, ...?) from stealing your private information.  The "Cloud" Type while it should matter, the forces like "The Sun" can go right through "that cloud" and there goes your stuff :(

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I have no credit cards.  Identity theft happens and well you can conclude why I agree with Reindl Harald here!  He has given many more reasons "not to want to go fully to the mobile route" despite that the future pointing that way :(  like recession, depression, other bad economic conditions :(

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