Problem with cron

David G. Miller dave at
Sat Mar 23 05:03:54 UTC 2013

Joe Zeff <joe <at>> writes:

> I have my computers registered with the Linux Counter, and my main 
> desktop machine is supposed to update its status once a week, using a 
> cron job:
> # added by version 0.3.14
> 58 11 * * 4 /home/joe/bin/ -m
> The permissions on the script are right, and if run manually, it works. 
>   This worked fine under Fedora 16, but doesn't now that I'm running F 
> 17.  Does anybody know what's happened, or how to find out?
>From the crontab man page:

The cron jobs could be allow or disallow for different users. For  classical 
crontab  there exists  cron.allow  and cron.deny files.  If cron.allow file
exists, then you must be listed therein in order to be allowed to use this

Perchance you're not in crontab.allow?


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