Anyone that can Recommend a Laser Printer

Jim binarynut at
Sat Mar 23 18:51:41 UTC 2013

On 03/23/2013 02:07 PM, poma wrote:
> On 23.03.2013 17:17, Jim wrote:
>> On 03/23/2013 01:24 AM, poma wrote:
>>> On 23.03.2013 04:04, Fred Smith wrote:
>>> ...
>>>> I'll assume that their other/newer products would work as well.
>>> *assume*
>>> Unfortunately this is an accurate description.
>>> With CUPS, selecting the right printer has always been risky, too many
>>> elements constantly changed, side by side with an outdated manufacturers
>>> drivers.
>>> An especially with the ever changing Fedora.
>>> Fairest would be to leave the choice to the OP.
>>> One I can recommend, the PostScript printer.
>>> If these can help..
>>> poma
>> I totally agree with you Poma this changing of Library files that affect
>> printing and manf. like Samsung that make one driver for Linux and won't
>> update their drivers because they don't want to support Linux,because
>> they don't see Linux as viable on the Desktop, they just can't accept
>> the reality that Linux is bigger than they think, Linux has total
>> control over the Internet servers and many large companies.
>> The problem is there is no real way to gauge how many Linux
>> installations are out there.
>> I can say I will never buy another Samsung Printer even tho I agree they
>> make a very good printer.
> If you meant *color* model at the first place, only those at the top
> offers are worth mentioning, i.e. CLP-[567][5678][058] - the *true*
> PostScript printers, not GDI or similar ones, whatever wire protocol are
> used. But for your budget they are too much, and not only from that
> manufacturer.
> What comes to my mind, you can try with printing from an virtual machine
> on which you current printer work, at least until a better solution can
> be found.
> poma
Can Linux be run inside a Virtual OS inside Windows 7,
The two computers I'm having problems with have Window 7 installed on 

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