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Sun Mar 24 02:08:24 UTC 2013

On 03/23/2013 09:52 PM, Peter Gueckel wrote:
> Peter Gueckel wrote:
>> There is some suggestion that some have gotten it to work.
> I have been reading further, and I think the Linux usability is
> limited to scrolling in Firefox and general moving of the cursor on
> the screen. Just that for $70! It’s going back tomorrow.
> The Logitech K400 wireless keyboard/touchpad I got yesterday
> worked...  all gestures, scrolling, tapping etc, but cursor
> movement was so slow, that it took 4 swipes to traverse the screen.
> I took that back today.
> Yet, the touchpad on my old HP/Compaq laptop works like a charm!
> Strange.
Unless you are particularly fond of a touchpad, wouldn't you be happier
with a mouse or a trackball? I even bring my trackball with me if I'm
bringing my laptop somewhere. Fortunately, the Dell laptop has a very good
keyboard for that type of machine. (I'm not sure you can get a wireless
trackball. Maybe there's a wireless k/b with a trackball, but I have 
found little
balls like on a k/b not to my liking.)
Just my 2cents--doug

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