F17: How to set up VPN for Android?

Bill Davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Mon Mar 25 18:47:08 UTC 2013

sean darcy wrote:
> On F17 trying to configure Host2Host VPN to use with my galaxy nexus.
> The Fedora wizard on requires a "remote address". I've tried, which got
> an error of:
> racoon: INFO: unsupported PF_KEY message REGISTER
> I've also tried the internet facing interface.
> When I tried to connect I get:
> ERROR: exchange Identity Protection not allowed in any applicable rmconf.
> What I obviously don't have is the whatever remote address the phone will be
> assigned.
> ConnectionType=Host2Host
> EncryptionMode=auto
> IKEKey=<inserted in android client>
> IPsecld=gnexus
> OnBoot=True
> RemoteIPAddress= ?????
> Can I set up the Fedora VPN for a "road warrior"?
> sean

There is no "the Fedora VPN" for starters, both openswan and openvpn are 
available. I don't know what the setup menu in Network Manager uses, probably 
openswan, but I'm guessing.

For what it's worth, I've had good results with openvpn, setup is to some extent 
manual, but it works, and doesn't seem to ask questions you can't answer. And 
you can set it up for road warrior operation from a linux machine, have not 
looked at what the VPN setup on Android phones does, so if that's your goal I 
have no info to share.


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