no printout, but no other hint of error. F18.

Roger arelem at
Mon Mar 25 22:40:40 UTC 2013

> Sorry for the top post. Google shows there is a linux driver for that printer on xerox web sight. Google search string was xerox 6015ni linux.
> The printer is a Xerox WorkCentre 6015ni, I'm using Fedora-18, 64-bit, and the printer is connected to the system via usb bus.  This is a stand-alone home desktop.
I too have Fedora 18 64 bit. Have always had trouble with Xerox laser 
printer in Fedora Linux, all versions, for years. It has never been auto 

You may need the ppd file, I can send my fxlinuxprint.ppd if you wish or 
google for it. Copy it to /usr/share/cups/model/
My Xerox only seems to work if I jump thru the below hoops.

First in Printers > Print Settings > Add, I have to enter my password 2 
times (one of the Fedora 18 vagaries) which brings me to Select Device:
In this dialog select LPT#1 > Forward> it will search for drivers.
In the next dialog "Choose Driver" select > Provide a ppd file and 
navigate to > File system /usr/share/cups/models and choose one of these:
I find that only the last 2 work, so I have created both a color and a 
mono laser printer.
 From here in follow the prompts and complete the printer set up.
Now the hard part.
This is set up as LPT and needs to be changed to USB. To do this I need 
to go back to > Print Settings double click on the printer I just 
created and in > Printer Properties change the > Device URI to what ever 
suits your system, on mine it is: usb://FUJI%20XEROX/DocuPrint%20C2100
-- Finding the correct URI is the difficult part. I think I got this 
some time ago from my Ubuntu setup where printer was auto detected.
Click Ok and the printer should be available and should now print.

I'm sure others have no trouble and It's just my Xerox but hey this is 
my way of resolving Xerox hassles.

Hope this helps

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