no printout, but no other hint of error. F18. (Roger)

William Mattison wcmattison at
Tue Mar 26 01:35:03 UTC 2013

Hi Roger,

> > I too have Fedora 18 64 bit. Have always had trouble
> with Xerox laser printer
> > in Fedora Linux, all versions, for years. It has never
> been auto detected.
> >
> > You may need the ppd file, I can send my
> fxlinuxprint.ppd if you wish or
> > google for it. Copy it to /usr/share/cups/model/
> > My Xerox only seems to work if I jump thru the below
> > hoops.

Hi Roger,

ok, please send your fxlinuxprint.ppd file to me.

I don't know what does or does not matter in this file, but my printer is 1200x1800 resolution, color, and I need to be able to to print many simplified Chinese fonts as well as many English fonts.


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