eth1 not working. HW or Fedora?

Martín Marqués martin.marques at
Tue Mar 26 17:00:06 UTC 2013

2013/3/26 Sam Varshavchik <mrsam at>:
> Martín Marqués writes:
>> I have a network interface on my laptop which was working (don't know
>> when it stopped cause I mainly use WIFI) and now fails to connect. I
>> have NM for network and when I plug the UTP cable (doesn't matter
>> where I do this, it's always the same) I get this on
>> /var/log/messages:
>> Mar 25 15:41:57 xxx kernel: [   22.403016] forcedeth 0000:00:0a.0:
>> eth1: no link during initialization
> Some googling around suggests that you might have some luck by:
> 1) Plugging into a different port on your router, or
> 2) Trying a different cable.
> Both ends of a CAT cable are not really "identical", and that's why most
> routers have a single "upstream" or "uplink" ports, where some pins are
> switcherooed. Adding to the confusion is that some CAT cables might be
> crossover, rather than straight through. I also have the impression that
> most hardware, at least GigE, might not really care, and autonegotiate who
> is what, with its peer, when they connect to each other.
> Try plugging the cable into your hub/router's "uplink" or "upstream" port,
> if it's not connected to anything.

Nop, nothing. Connection doesn't come up, not even at connections
where I used to connect without any trouble (tried at home, at work
and at College)

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