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On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 10:28 AM, Kinkaid, Kyle <kkinkaid at> wrote:

> Hi Fedora Wearers,
> I'm having some boot problems on my Fedora 18 workstation, KDE Spin.
> System background:
> I have a Dell Precision workstation, with two HDs, and full disk
> encryption.  The two HDs are combined into three logical volumes, swap,
> root, and /home.
> Issue background:
> I walked away from my computer and decided to enable screensaver and lock
> by using the "screen lock" hot corder (sorry, forgot the KDE term).  When I
> came back the screen saver hadn't locked and I couldn't move the mouse
> (system clock on the Task Manager hadn't moved either).  I tried to recover
> using various key presses, including Ctrl-Alt-F-key to open a new
> terminal.  Eventually I gave up and hard rebooted because nothing seemed to
> work to unfreeze my system.
> Current state:
> After the hard reboot, Grub loads, the kernel starts and I type in my
> encryption password like normal.  But it eventually dumps me into emergency
> mode, asking for root password.  The file system is mounted RW and all my
> files seem to be there as normal.  When I type 'runlevel' it says "runlevel
> unknown' and an 'init 3' or 'init 5' command brings up the Fedora booting
> splash screen but drops me back to the command prompt without allowing me
> to login.
> What I've tried:
> I checked the documentation (e.g. here<>)
> and most of that seems to refer to grub not working, or volumes not
> mounting, none of which applies to me.  I checked /var/log/messages but
> nothing seems to be obviously wrong in the logs.
> Any advice on what could be wrong or what to try next?
> Thanks,
> Kyle
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I think I had a like problem to this that I solved by putting the
partitions on the same drive, rather than using separate ones.

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