Limit of file siae on USB drives?

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Wed Mar 27 05:53:27 UTC 2013

Allegedly, on or about 26 March 2013, Joe Zeff sent:
> If such things matter, you can do this to create a flash drive that
> the various snoopy government agencies can't easily read, without
> going to the bother of encrypting it, especially as some of them claim
> the right to demand encryption keys.  It's not your fault that they're
> using a dain-bramaged OS that can't read OSS file systems, such as
> ext4, is it? 

It strikes me that the "snoopy" services will probably have no trouble
reading something as un-bizarre as ext4.  I dare say that such things
are child's play to them.  It would be a tech that would assess
hardware, not just any member of their staff.

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