yum erase unused dependencies

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Wed Mar 27 12:40:47 UTC 2013

Am 27.03.2013 13:33, schrieb Michael Schwendt:
> On Tue, 26 Mar 2013 18:22:49 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
>>> yum list yum\*
>>> yum info yum-plugin-remove-with-leaves
>> package-cleanup can also be useful in this context.
> And let's not forget "yum history undo …", too, since it is the much
> cleaner solution for the occasional "install something to take a look and
> remove it again afterwards" scenario.
> Pure leaf package removal bears the risk that you remove something that no
> other package depends on but _you_ need it.

which can be easily optimized by a small meta-package
and i maintain a bunch of them to have several machine
types quickly installed and any unused package removed
which makes upgrades and de-duplication-backups so
much faster

last but not least you get rid by no longer required
crap if you list there only base-packages without
their specific deps and this is one reason why ton
of years ago installed production servers are as
clean as a fresh install

[root at rh:~]$ package-cleanup --leaves --all
Loaded plugins: etckeeper, presto, protectbase

[root at rh:~]$ rpm -qa | wc -l

[root at rh:~]$ df
Filesystem     Type  Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/md1       ext4   29G  6.1G   23G  21% /

[builduser at buildserver64:~]$ cat /rpmbuild/SPECS/lounge-rhsoft-workstation.spec
Summary:   metapackage for rhsoft workstation-packages
Name:      lounge-rhsoft-workstation
Version:   4.2
Release:   3%{?dist}
BuildArch: noarch
Group:     System Environment/Libraries
URL:       http://www.thelounge.net/
License:   GPL
BuildRoot: %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-%{release}-root-%(%{__id_u} -n)

Requires:  acpid
Requires:  adobe-release
Requires:  aespipe
Requires:  alltray
Requires:  arp-scan
Requires:  attr
Requires:  audacity-freeworld
Requires:  avahi-tools
Requires:  bash-completion
Requires:  bind-utils
Requires:  bridge-utils
Requires:  chkrootkit
Requires:  cifs-utils
Requires:  cpulimit
Requires:  crypto-utils
Requires:  cryptsetup-luks
Requires:  cuetools
Requires:  curlftpfs
Requires:  cyrus-sasl
Requires:  cyrus-sasl-md5
Requires:  dbmail
Requires:  dbmail-postfix-policyd
Requires:  dbmail-manpages
Requires:  dhclient
Requires:  dhcp
Requires:  dos2unix
Requires:  dovecot
Requires:  driconf
Requires:  dstat
Requires:  elinks
Requires:  etckeeper
Requires:  ethtool
Requires:  ffmpeg-latest
Requires:  filelight
Requires:  firefox
Requires:  flash-plugin
Requires:  ftp
Requires:  fuseiso
Requires:  fuse-smb
Requires:  fuse-sshfs
Requires:  gcc
Requires:  gcc-c++
Requires:  gimp
Requires:  gnupg
Requires:  gocr
Requires:  google-chrome-stable
Requires:  GraphicsMagick
Requires:  graphviz
Requires:  grub2
Requires:  gstreamer-ffmpeg
Requires:  gstreamer-plugins-ugly
Requires:  gutenprint-foomatic
Requires:  hdparm
Requires:  hpijs
Requires:  htop
Requires:  httpd-tools
Requires:  inkscape
Requires:  intel-gpu-tools
Requires:  irqbalance
Requires:  isomd5sum
Requires:  java-1.7.0-openjdk
Requires:  k3b-extras-freeworld
Requires:  kamera
Requires:  kcalc
Requires:  kcharselect
Requires:  kcoloredit
Requires:  kdegraphics-thumbnailers
Requires:  kde-l10n-German
Requires:  kdemultimedia-kio_audiocd
Requires:  kdemultimedia-kmix
Requires:  kde-plasma-ihatethecashew
Requires:  kde-print-manager
Requires:  kdesdk-kcachegrind
Requires:  kdesdk-kioslave
Requires:  kdesdk-kpartloader
Requires:  kde-settings-pulseaudio
Requires:  kdesvn
Requires:  kernel-devel
Requires:  keyutils
Requires:  kiconedit
Requires:  kid3
Requires:  knemo
Requires:  krename
Requires:  krusader
Requires:  ksaneplugin
Requires:  ksnapshot
Requires:  ksysguard
Requires:  kwallet
Requires:  lame
Requires:  libdvdcss
Requires:  libdvdcss2
Requires:  libreoffice-base
Requires:  libreoffice-langpack-de
Requires:  libreoffice-writer
Requires:  lm_sensors
Requires:  logwatch
Requires:  lounge-base
Requires:  lsscsi
Requires:  lynis
Requires:  man-pages
Requires:  man-pages-de
Requires:  md5deep
Requires:  mdadm
Requires:  mercurial
Requires:  microcode_ctl
Requires:  mirage
Requires:  mlocate
Requires:  mod_bw
Requires:  mod_dav_svn
Requires:  mod_flvx
Requires:  mod_h264_streaming
Requires:  mod_security
Requires:  mod_ssl
Requires:  mpage
Requires:  multitail
Requires:  mysql-manpages
Requires:  mysql-server
Requires:  mysqltuner
Requires:  nano
Requires:  netstat-nat
Requires:  nmap
Requires:  nrg2iso
Requires:  nss-mdns
Requires:  nss-tools
Requires:  ntp
Requires:  odt2txt
Requires:  okular
Requires:  openssh-askpass
Requires:  openvpn
Requires:  oxygen-gtk
Requires:  p7zip
Requires:  pciutils
Requires:  php-bcmath
Requires:  php-feedcreator
Requires:  php-gd
Requires:  php-imap
Requires:  phpMyAdmin
Requires:  php-pecl-apc
Requires:  php-pecl-zendopcache
Requires:  php-pecl-geoip
Requires:  php-pecl-imagick
Requires:  php-pecl-mailparse
Requires:  php-pecl-mysqlnd_qc
Requires:  php-pecl-ssh2
Requires:  php-pecl-uploadprogress
Requires:  php-pecl-xdebug
Requires:  php-process
Requires:  php-soap
Requires:  php-suhosin
Requires:  php-tidy
Requires:  php-xml
Requires:  php-xmlrpc
Requires:  plasma-scriptengine-python
Requires:  postfix-manpages
Requires:  postfix-perl-scripts
Requires:  powertop
Requires:  prelink
Requires:  patchutils
Requires:  qgit
Requires:  qtcurve-kde4
Requires:  rar
Requires:  rdesktop
Requires:  recode
Requires:  rkhunter
Requires:  rpl
Requires:  rpmfusion-nonfree-release
Requires:  rsnapshot
Requires:  rsyslog-mysql
Requires:  samba
Requires:  sane-backends-drivers-cameras
Requires:  sane-backends-drivers-scanners
Requires:  screen
Requires:  shntool
Requires:  smartmontools
Requires:  smbios-utils
Requires:  strace
Requires:  subversion-kde
Requires:  sudo
Requires:  svn2cl
Requires:  symlinks
Requires:  sysstat
Requires:  systemd-analyze
Requires:  tcpdump
Requires:  tcptraceroute
Requires:  tcptrack
Requires:  telnet
Requires:  thunderbird
Requires:  traceroute
Requires:  tigervnc
Requires:  tigervnc-server-module
Requires:  tree
Requires:  trickle
Requires:  udftools
Requires:  unhide
Requires:  uniconvertor
Requires:  unrar
Requires:  usbutils
Requires:  whois
Requires:  vlc
Requires:  vnstat
Requires:  xarchiver
Requires:  xorg-x11-drv-dummy
Requires:  xorg-x11-drv-evdev
Requires:  xorg-x11-drv-fbdev
Requires:  xorg-x11-drv-intel
Requires:  xorg-x11-drv-keyboard
Requires:  xorg-x11-drv-mouse
Requires:  xorg-x11-drv-v4l
Requires:  xorg-x11-drv-void
Requires:  xorg-x11-xdm
Requires:  xsane
Requires:  yum-plugin-protectbase
Requires:  yum-presto
Requires:  yum-utils
Requires:  zenity

metapackage for rhsoft workstation-packages


* Sun Apr 29 2012 Reindl Harald <h.reindl at thelounge.net>
- initial build

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