Creating a server with Fedora 18

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This is really a wonderful thing you are doing for your friend!  KUDO's to you, Sir!!!

A variation on the recommendation from Reindl Harald, is maybe set up a primary computer for your friend to use, being Fedora, for its useability with a second system running CentOS (which is up to v6.4 these days---very current) to handle the server-side of things.  Assuming he has a large enough screen, then the functionality of Fedora might do the trick as his interface between both hosts (desktop and server).  Another recommendation that would give him a bit more stability in this case, is to ensure all the updates for Fedora are occurring until its end-of-life, then simply turn off the yum updates.  The downside would be no new features, nor updates/patches.  In his case that might be worthwhile!

Wishing you both the best as you go down this road!


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>Subject: Creating a server with Fedora 18
>I have a friend who is vision impaired.  He recently got enough of his
>sight back to begin working on his systems again, and is interested in
>setting his servers up on Fedora 18.  His last version was 10 (long
>storage in between).
>Is there a site, blog or tutorial that would be easy for him to use with
>a screen reader or would have it broken down as a series of steps to
>help him get going (I know nothing of server setups now, so I cannot
>offer much help.)
>Among the things he mentioned was:
>Web manager.
>Reverse DNS.
>Unfortunately we were driving and I couldn't take coherent notes.
>Les Howell
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