no printout, but no other hint of error. F18. (Roger)

poma pomidorabelisima at
Thu Mar 28 02:04:41 UTC 2013

On 28.03.2013 00:27, William Mattison wrote:
> Hi Roger,
>>>>> I too have Fedora 18 64 bit. Have always had
>>>>> trouble with Xerox laser printer
>>>>> in Fedora Linux, all versions, for years. It has
>>>>> never been auto detected.
>>>>> You may need the ppd file, I can send my
>>>>> fxlinuxprint.ppd if you wish or
>>>>> google for it. Copy it to /usr/share/cups/model/
>>>>> My Xerox only seems to work if I jump thru the
>>>>> below hoops.
>>> Hi Roger,
>>> ok, please send your fxlinuxprint.ppd file to me.
>> Here ya go Bill
>> Both fxlinuxprint and the PCL-Docuprint ppd files I think the 
>> PCL-Docuprint creates the usb:// uri mentioned earlier.
>> Both are plain text files - you can open them in gedit or vim
>> There should be a PCL file for your printer in the Xerox system
>> somewhere
> Thank-you.  My apologies for not responding sooner.  I got buried in company paperwork yesterday.  Then Xerox (a) accepted my ticket, and (b) gave it priority 1.  So I'm putting this on hold for a few days hoping they fix their rpm file.  The Xerox engineer did not seem too confident, saying:
> - This printer uses GDI-based drivers, so technically speaking, the
> - standard print process with Linux environments wouldn’t work since
> - they only use PostScript-based drivers or emulators. I’m sure
> - engineering solved that problem somehow, but I don’t see how since
> - the files the driver package includes are just ppds and a few filters.
> But he's trying.
> To answer your question, I did an "rpm -qp -l" on Xerox's 64-bit Linux .rpm file for this printer.  I saw no PCL file.

rpm -qlp Xerox-WorkCentre-6015B_6015N_6015NI-1.0-28.i586.rpm | grep

grep -i filter usr/share/cups/model/Xerox/Xerox-WorkCentre-6015NI.ppd
*cupsFilter:	"application/vnd.cups-raster 0 xrhk2ap"

file usr/lib/cups/filter/xrhk2ap
usr/lib/cups/filter/xrhk2ap: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386,
version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux
2.6.4, BuildID[sha1]=0xa84e8b1bfdf520041067ce6257983f8948e551c1, not

"Description: RPM Package for 32 and 64-bit versions..."[1] - 64-bit!? :)

"fxlinuxprint.ppd"[2], what's in there for the WorkCentre-6015NI?

Did you consider using this one[3]?



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