Meta-discussions and the role of the Fedora Community

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Fri Mar 29 15:02:07 UTC 2013

Am 29.03.2013 15:55, schrieb Steven Stern:
> When people talk about choosing FOSS software like Fedora, "a strong
> community" is always cited.
> May we declare a moratorium on meta-discussions?  If someone doesn't
> give enough info, ask them for more, and that's all.  Going off on top
> posting, depth of quoting, typos, etc makes the list a hostile place.

no, no and no again

if someone refuses to
 * provide at least ANY information
 * write a subject which describes the problem
 * is hijacking threads
 * ignores basics like not top-posting or starts with HTML messages
he has to learn it

and if someone starts MULTIPLE threads over days with no
information at all, with different subjects and so on he
has at least to understand quickly that with this way asking
questions he comes not far
sad enough that people saw they need to write such "guidelines"

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