announcement --- planned Yum replacement now ready for user testing

Ales Kozumplik akozumpl at
Thu Jan 2 10:54:12 UTC 2014

> A question, I found the following on
> <>
> "dnf erase kernel deletes all packages called kernel
> In Yum, the running kernel is spared. There is no reason to keep this in
> DNF, the user can always specify concrete versions on the command line,
> e.g.:
> dnf erase kernel-3.9.4"
> So if I issue 'dnf erase kernel' all kernels will be removed, and I have
> no kernel anymore? Is that really a good thing? Should we not spare the
> running kernel? Or is there some rationale behind this that I am missing?
> Lars

Hi Lars,

yes that's the idea. In practice however, a user doesn't type 'dnf erase 
-y kernel' by accident and we don't feel the need to protect users who 
really know what they are doing from doing so. It's the same situation 
as 'rm -rf /boot' or 'rpm -e --allmatches kernel'. Of course, people are 
welcome to write specific plugins to achieve something similar to what 
Yum used to do.


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