Fedora 20 Problems on Dell XPS 41z

PaweĊ‚ Sikora pawel.sikora at agmk.net
Thu Jan 2 11:08:40 UTC 2014

On Thursday 02 of January 2014 09:26:32 Dave Cross wrote:
> A couple of weeks ago, I posted a really happy email about how well
> the upgrade from F19 to F20 had gone on my laptop. Now, I'm not so
> happy. There are two problems that are close to being deal-breakers
> for me.
> 1/ The laptop doesn't wake from suspension
> I close my laptop and it goes to sleep. When I open it, I expect it to
> wake up again. This has worked well on every laptop I've owned on
> every version of Fedora, until now. Now when I open the laptop, I'm
> just presented with a small Fedora logo in the middle of the screen.
> And all I can do is restart the laptop.

you have nvidia optimus on board, looke similar to my problem with asus.
dead fedora logo is a side effect of crashed video driver:


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