F20: Touchpad vertical scroll for Dell Latitude E5430

Marco Guazzone marco.guazzone at gmail.com
Sat Jun 21 06:59:26 UTC 2014

On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 11:27 PM, Joe Zeff <joe at zeff.us> wrote:
> On 06/20/2014 02:16 PM, poma wrote:
>> Isn't Xfce cool! :)
>> Mickey Mouse
> I think so.  I'm in the process of setting up a flash drive with a full F20
> system (not a live image, because I want the full drive properly available)
> with ClamAV so that a friend can scan/clean Windows boxen properly, and I'm
> giving it Xfce because I think it's much easier to use for a beginner than
> Gnome.  And, once I have it, I'll use Clonezilla to make the one I give him.
> That way, I can easily make more as needed.

Yeah, Xfce is cool & light.
And it allows you to customize your environment as you like...
Something that GNOME 3 (and also 2) don't allow (neither with the
gnome-tweak-ui tool) and this is the main reason why I don't like
There are very cool gnome-extensions, but it seems they become
unusable after a new GNOME 3 version is out (I experienced this in the


-- Marco

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