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Tim ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au
Sat Nov 1 05:57:24 UTC 2014

>> For some people, or lots of people, upgrading every 6 months is a
>> headache best avoided.  Quite apart from having to backup and restore,
>> or backup and hope you don't have to restore, personal files and
>> important settings, you have to deal with a changed user interface.  It
>> nearly always changes subtly, at least, but there are also radical
>> changes.  And it's not just a case of working them out, some of them are
>> just horrible.

Tom H:
> Users are used to subtle - and not-so-subtle - changes in UI. Windows
> and OS X have them too.

I think "resigned to" is a better description.  I'm no computer
illiterate, I can find my way around, but I hate having to go hunting
for the new way to do things that I already knew how to do.

>> If a new user is going to ask a support question of someone, or their
>> ISP, which Linux distro do you think they're most likely to get an
>> answer about?

> Judging from the hits that you get when you search for a problem,
> Ubuntu.

I would have thought so, too.  I think it's the nearest one to being
"main stream" that there is.

> I'm not sure that there are many ISPs that support Linux.

Quite a few, where I am, though often not overtly advertised as
supporting any particular OSs.  I've tended to use medium sized ISPs
that have a reasonable sized client base that they can look after with
their own staff, rather than some overseas call centre.  They tend to
have techy staff, rather than script monkeys, and many use or have
dabbled with Linux.

The first two I joined I asked about using Linux with them, to be told
without them having to double check with anybody else, that quite a lot
of their users or staff used it, and they said I'd be fine.  The first
one was just before I started using Linux, and mentioned that I was
thinking about trying it out, and they said I'd probably enjoy it.
Can't say I'd ever describe using Windows, that way, to anyone.

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