gnutls, openssl and compiling mutt

Alexander Volovics volovics at
Sat Nov 1 12:36:25 UTC 2014

On Sat, Nov 01, 2014 at 12:39:52PM +0100, Heinz Diehl wrote:

> On 31.10.2014, Alexander Volovics wrote: 
> > Does it make any difference if mutt is compiled with '--with-gnutls'
> > enabled or with '--with-openssl' enabled.
> When compiled with "--with-ssl", it uses openssl for TLS,
> and with "--with-gnutls" it uses the gnutls implementation.
> (Btw: there is no "--with-openssl" configure option).

Slip of the tongue :)

> > Using the same .muttrc file I use in fedora the TLS connection
> > 'aborts' and I get the error message:
> > "SSL failed, I/O error. Could not negotiate TLS connection".
> Is the certificate properly installed in /etc/pki/tls/certs?
> Openssl looks in that place and aborts if the servers certificate
> could not be validated. Gnutls offers you to accept it manually,
> if the host name does not match.

Is that so. I didn't know that. How are you supposed to get
the certificate then. Given that all the most used mail progs
(thunderbird, outlook, apple mail, evolution, etc) connect you
"automatically" the ISP's dont hand out certificates.

So I was expecting Openssl to work like Gnutls.
And is this a recent change because about a year ago I tried
mutt from Homebrew on a Mac and it worked then and I was asked
to accept the certificate. And if the Homebrew folks link to
openssl now I expect they did the same then (with an earlier
version of openssl).

So everything should work if I copy the certificate from my
Linux pc to the Mac?
I shall try it tonight.


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