need help!

bruce badouglas at
Sun Nov 2 17:04:33 UTC 2014


Got a network of fed/centos boxes.. The boxes are a combination of
eth, and wifi, with ra3070 chipset.

We reverse tunnel into a couple of the boxes that are wifi, as well as eth.
The boxes have dhcp.
We're using a dyndns kind of service so we can access boxes via name
instead of straight ip address.

Running into an issue where it appears that a couple of the boxes hang.

I can ssh into a box.. and when i try to enter a cmd.. the ssh/term shell hangs.

If I (sometimes) can access the same box from a different window/term
then it appears that the box/term is back to being active..

At the same time, I can sometimes ping a box by name, and I get a "no
route" for the name.. and if I then use the straight ip address, it
still doesn't return..

This then seems to resolve itself after a few mins...

Any thoughts on what I can start to look at to resolve what the heck
is going on!!

I have no access to the dhcp server, or the wifi router.

thanks guys!!

centos6.5 and I think fed 19.. the issue appears to be on the centos for now..

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