"Input out of Range"

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Sun Nov 2 18:17:28 UTC 2014

| From: Tom Horsley <horsley1953 at gmail.com>

| That works up to the point where you try to modify the xorg.conf
| file. X pays no attention to xorg.conf most of the time these
| days. What does work is getting the EDID from the monitor and
| stashing it in a firmware directory where you can use it to
| force the kernel to override EDID any time anyone asks about it.
| Get edid from currently connected monitor:
| monitor-get-edid > /lib/firmware/edid.bin
| Stick this on kernel options in grub config file:
| drm_kms_helper.edid_firmware=edid.bin
| Now the dadgum kernel will boot with the edid for the
| monitor even if it isn't connected at boot time.

Wow.  I didn't know that but have wished for it.  Thanks!  Does it
work with proprietary AMD and nVidia drivers?

Old KVMs didn't pass the EDID information.

Newer cheap KVMs only pass it if the computer issuing the query is
currently selected.

Inexpensive KVMs seem to be a dying technology.  Try to find one that
does DVI (expensive) or HDMI or DisplayPort.

And my latest monitor's EDID capability doesn't quite work with
Fedora even without a KVM interposed.  Enough works to get the job
done.  It's a dirt cheap Seiki 39" UHD TV set.

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