Installing F20 alongside other Linux installs

Chris Murphy lists at
Tue Nov 4 17:38:21 UTC 2014

On Nov 3, 2014, at 3:11 PM, Trey Sizemore <trey at> wrote:

> I have a 1TB hard drive on which I have a couple of other Linux distros
> installed.  Distro 1 has its root on /dev/sdb1 and then swap as
> /dev/sdb2 with the home partition on dev/sdb5.  Distro 2 has its root on
> /dev/sdb6, swap on /dev/sdb7, and home on /dev/sdb8.
> When I go to install Fedora 20, it sees the free space (about 800GB) on
> sdb, but insists on installing the first partition I create for it
> (root) on /dev/sdb3.  It doesn't appear that this works as the install
> fails with insufficient space, but I don't see how to overwrite during
> the install the option for the first Fedora partition to be /dev/sdb9
> instead (and proceed from there).
> Am I missing something?  Is this possible?

Well it's a bug if it's accepting your custom partitioning layout, but then falls with insufficient space during the actual installation process. Do I understand this correctly? You manage to get to Begin Installation, it actually starts to partition and format the drive, it starts installing but then fails with insufficient space? Or does the complaint happen while still in Manual (custom) partitioning?

If you can write out the steps you're going through to get the layout you want that'd be helpful, and also post the result from

parted /dev/sdb u s p

I'm also curious if an automatic install (just let it use the default layout, installing into free space) works, even if it's not your idealized layout, but you don't have to test it if for sure you don't want that layout. It's possible blivet-gui might be helpful in pre-creating the layout you want, and then having Fedora 20 installer install to that.

Chris Murphy

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