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g geleem at
Wed Nov 5 16:23:29 UTC 2014

On 11/05/2014 08:33 PM, Timothy Murphy wrote:

> If you look at my posting you will see that I was referring to splix
> (in response to a suggestion that I should use that application);
> see the "List of supported printers" at <>.

as i have read thread, you start out talking about;

} I wonder if anyone has installed the *Unified Linux Driver*
} under Fedora or CentOS?

which indicates a unified driver, then say;

} I saw an RPM version mentioned in
} <>
} but was not able to download it,

openmamba, is an os and i see nothing on that page about a _unified_
or _drivers_. nor, mentioning of printer brands or models.

my 1st post was mainly intended to Joachim Backes about where i was
able to find samsung unl driver, with a little fun poking at top poster.

later you reply to

} Unfortunately, I have no idea how to run it.
} I looked at <>, which seems to be the web-site,
} but could make no sense of the screenshot shown,
} which seemed the nearest to instructions there.
} Actually, my printer - Samsung CLP-325W - was not in the list of
} printers known to work with splix; CLP-310 seemed the nearest shot.

now knowing what printer you have, i checked back to 'bchemnet' site
and reply;

} your printer is supported. see list;
} installation info;

while, somewhere in between, 'fedora' posted;

} no problem here to install Samsung Unified Linux Driver on Fedora 20
} for a CLX 3305 printer/scanner.

so, choice is yours, use a driver that has reports of working with
printers that are listed to work, clp-325 among them, or,

 fart around with a driver that does not list your printer and makes
 no claims that it will work with you printer.

then again, have you considered *CUPS*.

i am now using cups 1.4.2 for printing with 'foomatic'. your clp-325
may/might/could be available as a clp-325, or a later model.


peace out.

in a world with out fences, who needs gates.



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